Roc-En Pro Team

The Rocen Pro team stands for raising the level of excellence industry wide.
We aspire to challenge athletes of all ages and stages of career to DOMINATE their parameters pushing them to find their absolute best potential.
We strive to build a positive energy of such magnitude that the ripple effect elevates everyone....and together as a team...we take things "TO THE NEXT LEVEL"!

  • Eric "Big E" Noebe

    - RocenPro Founder
    - Training Coordinator
    - Certified Coach
    - Over 20+ years training

  • Brian Yersky

    - IFBB Pro Men's Open Bodybuilder
    - Species Sponsored Athlete
    - 2012 NPC Nationals Overall Winner
    - Certified Personal Trainer
    - 20 years training experience
    IG: @brianyersky

  • JM Blakley

    - 6x World Record Holder
    - 4x World Champion
    - 2x World Cup Champion
    - Former Assistant Strength and
    Conditioning Coach at Ohio State University
    - Bench press specialist
    IG: @j.m.blakley

  • Doug Noebe

    - Competed in USAPL, WNPF, UPA, RPS, and WABL
    - 4x WABL World Champion
    - Inductee of WABL Powerlifting Hall of Fame (2012)
    - Certified Personal Trainer (Athletic/Powerlifting)
    IG: @dougnoebe

  • Lisa Lachowski

    - Multiple Year Womens IFBB Bodybuilding Champion
    - Certified Trainer and Sports Nutritionist
    - Level 1 Kettlebell Trainer
    - 20+ years training experience
    IG: @lisa_lachowski_ifbb_pro

  • Theresa Ivancick

    - IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilder
    - Certified Personal Trainer
    - CEO of Harlan's Fitness
    - Fitness Model
    IG: @tivancik_ifbbpro

  • Jeff Harlan

    - Over 30 years personal training experience
    - Owner of Harlan's Elite Fitness
    - Transformation Specialist
    IG: @jeff_harlan

  • Social Media Adviser

    Nicholas Genaro

    - Attending Ohio University for Integrated Media
    degree with a Minor in Marketing
    - Overseeing social media including videography,
    photography, graphic design
    - Working directly with Big E
    IG: @ngen52


  • Coaching for Aesthetics-(NPC,IFBB), Powerlifting and Athletics
  • General Training of all facets
  • Show Prep Packages
  • Body Fat Pinch Test
  • General Diet Plans
  • Advanced Full Service Plans
  • Form Critiquing for the "Big 3" of Powerlifting
  • In Facility Posing Instruction (recommended)
  • FaceTime Posing Instruction